Association Fondazione Verzasca

Fondazione Verzasca

This agency for the development of the region was formed in 2006 to promote and coordinate initiatives in the Valle Verzasca with the support of the Associazione dei Comuni di Valle Verzasca.

Association Corippo

Fondazione Corippo

In 1975, the village of Corippo was chosen by the Swiss Confederation and the canton as a historical site worthy of preservation and revitalisation. This led to the founding of the Fondazione Corippo, which works to preserve and raise the profile of the identity of Corippo.

Association Museo Di Val Verzasca

Museo di Val Verzasca

The Museo di Val Verzasca works to safeguard and promote the history and culture of the Valle Verzasca. The museum's main exhibition venue is in Sonogno.

Association Pro Verzasca

Pro Verzasca

Pro Verzasca was founded in 1933 and is active in the field of cultural promotion, especially in supporting craftsmanship, particularly working with wool. Their craft products can be purchased in the shop at the Casa della Lana in Sonogno.

Association Sev


Founded in 1983, the Società Escursionistica Verzaschese (SEV) offers an extensive annual programme for mountain hiking enthusiasts. Also focuses on keeping the mountains and paths of the Valle Verzasca clean and restored.

Gruppo Costumi Verzaschesi

In 1934, the Pro Verzasca association founded the costume group to preserve and raise awareness about the valley’s traditions and costumes. Some of the costumes date from the 18th century; others have been historically reconstructed. They participate in historical events in Ticino and across Switzerland every year.

Association La Corale Verzaschese

La corale verzaschese

The primary aim of the Verzasca choral group is to promote careful performance of popular songs. It participates in festivals, celebrations and official events in the Valle Verzasca, on the Piano di Magadino and elsewhere as invited.

Association Filarmonica Verzaschese

Filarmonica Verzaschese

Since 1965, the Filarmonica Verzaschese has been participating in cantonal band competitions, openings, outdoor summer concerts, festivals and celebrations, processions during local patronal feast days and radio recordings, as well as holding an annual gala concert.

Association Pro Mergoscia

Pro Mergoscia

The Pro Mergoscia was founded in 2003 with the aim of managing and safeguarding the nature and culture of Mergoscia.

Association Hc Valleverzasca

Hockey club Valle Verzasca

Association committed to the promotion of ice hockey, with a hockey school and team, active since 1980.

Association AS Verzaschesi

AS Verzaschesi

Valle Verzasca football team.

Association Bobosco

Associazione BoBosco

In 2018, a group of friends with a real passion for the Valle Verzasca founded this association to promote activities that showcase the forests and mountains of the Verzasca.

Association Verzasca Foto Festival

Associazione Verzasca Foto Festival

This association promotes photography in rural and suburban areas.

Association Verzasca Country Festival

Verzasca Country Festival

Founded in 2005, organises an annual country music festival in the Valle Verzasca, in the stunning setting of Sonogno. Its aim is not just to raise the profile of country music in Ticino, but also to promote its valleys and associations.

Società bocciofila Monte Zucchero

Association for the promotion of the game of boccia.

Società bocciofila Verzaschese

Association for the promotion of the game of boccia.

Sci Club Verzasca

The Sci Club Verzasca works to promote winter sports in the Valle Verzasca.

Association Tennis Club Verzasca

Tennis Club Verzasca

Promotes tennis in the Valle Verzasca and manages the infrastructure linked to the sport at the Multi-sports Centre in Sonogno, offering tennis lessons for children, adults and tournaments.

Association Verzaschese Pesca

Società Verzaschese di Acquicoltura e Pesca

Since 1929, the Società Verzaschese di Acquicoltura e Pesca has focused on promoting the Verzasca’s fish life, repopulating its waters, protecting aquatic flora and fauna against pollution, and protecting fishermen.

Association Agricoltore Valle Verzasca

Associazione Agricoltori Valle Verzasca

This association represents the interests of farmers in the Valle Verzasca.

Associazione Carnevale Brione Verzasca

Organises recreational and cultural events.

Associazione Carnevale Sonogno

Organises recreational and cultural events.

Logo Rüsca PNG

Manifestazioni Rüsca

Organises recreational and cultural events (Carnevale Vogorno, Festa Patronale di San Bartolomeo, Castagnata Vogorno)

Associazione Carnevale Corippo

Organises recreational and cultural events.

Association Corpo Pompieri

Corpo Pompieri Alta Verzasca

Based in Frasco, the Corpo Pompieri Alta Verzasca deals with primarily local needs such as managing fires or clearing roads blocked by landslides or debris.

Bicylindric Harley Club

Group of Harley Davidson enthusiasts.

Corale Fonte Viva

Musical group for events.

Diving in the Valle Verzasca

The Gruppo Sub Verzasca has been active since 1975, is based in Lavertezzo and focuses on accident prevention, organising stand-by services during the summer and training new divers. Also oversees recreational diving and other leisure activities.

Sezione Samaritani Brione Verzasca

Volunteer first aid specialists.


Gruppo Giovani Valle Verzasca

Il Gruppo Giovani Valle Verzasca, attivo dal 2006, anima la Valle con animazioni ed eventi. Propongono inoltre concerti e serate danzanti in quella che è la loro casa: il Lokalino.