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Masterplan Verzasca 2030 projects

The masterplan is the valley’s development plan, which aims to improve residential appeal, create job opportunities, promote sustainable tourism and safeguard the landscape.

Corippo Valle Verzasca 1 (© Ascona Locarno Tourism Foto Alessio Pizzicannella)

Scattered hotel in Corippo

The scattered hotel is an experience with a frugal charm that promotes the social, cultural, historical and architectural aspects of the settlement of Corippo.

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Mobilità Verzasca

The appeal of an area also depends on how easy it is to get around.

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Alpine camping in Brione (Verzasca)

The Valle Verzasca attracts tourists from all over the world and many experiences at a campsite.

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Multi-sports centre in Sonogno

The multi-sports centre project aims to provide the opportunity to practise a wide range of sports all year round.


“Vera Verzasca” origin mark

The “Vera Verzasca” origin mark is the result of support from companies and producers in the Valle Verzasca and on the plain.

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Sights of interest in the Valle Verzasca

Visiting the Valle Verzasca means discovering the many sites of interest from the foot of the valley all the way up to Sonogno.

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Primavera Gastronomica Verzasca e Piano

This month-long gourmet get-together came about to provide a showcase of the region and its products by involving restaurants, grottoes and osterie in the valley and on the plain.

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coworking Verzasca e Piano

Many modern professionals have said goodbye to fixed offices.

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Mès der castégna

Chestnuts are not just a fruit but are part of the culture throughout Ticino.

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